Two Rare TV Interviews Discovered – Ian Hendry ’62 and Patrick Macnee ’64 – Both Interviews Discuss The Avengers

Discovered: Ian Hendry Interview From 1962 and Patrick Macnee Interview From 1964


My sources advise me that:

The interview with Ian Hendry – in which he discussed The Avengers – first aired on UTV’s Newsview on 26th November 1962.

Ian also talks about Afternoon Of A Nymph, the ABC TV’s Armchair Theatre play, which also starred Janet Munro – his future wife to be. He also talks about working with Coco The Clown. The interview features no clips from The Avengers.

The other guests on the show were Janet Munro, Ronald Fraser and Vera Day and apparently those interviews have also been located.

They have also discovered a lost interview with Patrick Macnee, which dates from October 1964, as production began on the Emma Peel series. It includes some footage which doesn’t appear to have been transmitted at the time. He talks about the Ian Hendry series, his attitude towards strong women and gives some insight into his father.

Screening and event details below:

Missing Believed Wiped, Belfast – 4th November 2017


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