This Is My Street (1964) – With June Ritchie

This Is My Street is a 1964 British drama film directed by Sidney Hayers and starring Ian Hendry, June Ritchie, Avice Landone, John Hurt and Meredith Edwards. A bored housewife living in a suburban house begins an affair with the lodger, a salesman. He then abandons her for her younger sister.

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“Sixties’ backstreets bedroom drama adapted from Nan Maynard’s rather middling novel. Director Sidney Hayers fashions an interesting drama amid the sordid squalor of London and creates a number of genuinely sympathetic characters. Ian Hendry giving a performance of compelling magnetic brilliance as the jack-the-lad charmer capable of turning from seducer to scoundrel and back again in the blink of an eye.

Suburban housewife Margery Graham (June Ritchie) feels trapped living in the shabby Battersea terrace of Jubilee Close with her lazy husband (Mike Pratt) and small daughter. Harry (Ian Hendry), a slick salesman and nightclub owner lodging with her mother next-door continually makes advances towards Marge which are rebuffed, until she finally gives in after he helps find her missing daughter. Bored with Marge, he then abandons her and turns his attentions to her college-educated younger sister, Jinny (Annette Andre). Marge becomes infatuated with Harry, and when she discovers that he plans to marry her sister, she attempts to commit suicide – leaving a note exposing her indiscretions.”

This Is My Street Ian Hendry (1963) This Is My Street Ian Hendry

This Is My Street Ian Hendry

Ian Hendry_This Is My Street

Press Book This Is My Street

Picture: Press Book Cover – This Is My Street (1964)

This Is My Street Still Ian Hendry June Ritchie 1963

This Is My Street Still Ian Hendry June Ritchie 1963 Back

Picture: Ian Hendry and June Ritchie




Picture: Janet Munro is seen as an extra, sitting in a seat behind Ian Hendry and June Ritchie on the roller coaster!

Ian Hendry This is My Street 1964

Picture: Promotional portrait of Ian Hendry for the film, This Is My Street (1964)

Ian Hendry This is My Street 1964 2

This is My Street_Ian Hendry

Above Pictures: Stills from the film, Ian Hendry and June Ritchie


Picture: An early appearance by a young John Hurt

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