Roger Moore and Ian Hendry – ‘The Time And The Place’ The Persuaders (1971)

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Picture (above): Roger Moore and Ian Hendry relaxing after a hard days filming for the episode, ‘The Time And The Place’ – The Persuaders! (1971)

Thanks to Adrian for sharing this picture with us on the Official Ian Hendry Facebook page.

The clip below contains the opening sequence. The opening credits were created to emphasise equal billing between both Roger Moore and Tony Curtis; an important aspect ironed out before Tony would agree to come ‘on-board’!

In his autobiography, ‘My Word Is My Bond‘, Roger Moore retells some funny anecdotes of his time filming with Ian. On one particular shoot near Tower Bridge, London, Ian used his charm and experience of acting as a police officer to persuade a drunken by-stander to move on and stop interrupting the filming!

Ian and Roger had worked together previously on the two-part episode of The Saint, ‘Vendetta For The Saint’ (1969) which was later also released as a film.

Vendetta-For-The-Saint-Ian Hendry-1969

Picture: Vendetta For The Saint (1969) – Original Fim Poster

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