100th Celebratory Post – Restrospective Of 10 Key Highlights + Discoveries From The Official Website Of Ian Hendry

Video above: Ian Hendry – 30th Anniversary Tribute

To celebrate the 100th post on the Official Website of Ian Hendry, we have compiled 10 highlights from the first 3 years. Enjoy!

#1 – An Idea, A Biography And A Website

At the end of 2011, I was contacted for the first time by Gabriel Hershman who told me that he was planning to write the first ever biography on Ian Hendry. Months of hard work, interviews and research followed, resulting in a tremendous record of the life and work of Ian Hendry.

This website and the Ian Hendry Facebook Page followed shortly afterwards.


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#2 – Picture Post (1954) – First Ever Article Featuring Ian Hendry

In 2013, I was contacted by a kind lady who had come across this classic Picture Post magazine from March 1954. It contained the very first article featuring Ian Hendry, whilst he was studying at the Central School of Speech + Drama. Keen to reunite it with the family, she posted it off – as a gift – the very next day!

Originally, the cover was to feature photograph from the article on the school – that is until Elizabeth Taylor arrived at the 11th hour with her new film release! The cover that might have been in shown below.

Picture Post 27 March 1954 Elizabeth Taylor Cover copy

Picture: Original Picture Post Cover – Elizabeth Taylor (March 1954)


Picture: Picture Post – With Ian Hendry. The Cover That Might Have Been!

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#3 – A TV Discovery – Dial M For Murder ‘Contract’ (1974)

This copy of the original transmission recording was sent to me following a contact message through the website. Ian Hendry and Robert Lang play a gay couple who earn a living as contract killers. Enjoy!

#4 – A Play Is Found – The Crossfire (1967)

Another example of someone contacting the website with a copy of a ‘lost’ ITV play. Peter Wyngarde – who also starred – contacted me recently and I was able to send him a copy of the play, which he had not seen in over 40 years!

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#4 – Portraits Of The Original Avenger

Two classic early portraits of Ian Hendry – from The Avengers – also came to light. The second one includes one of the opening credit boards used for The Avengers.

Ian Hendry Avengers 1961 Press

Picture: Ian Hendry – Original Promotional Portait For The Avengers (1961) – ABC TV

Ian Hendry + Joan Watson The Avengers (1961) In Make-Up

Picture: Ian Hendry – ‘Make-Up’ Portait From The Avengers (1961) – ABC TV

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#5 – A Study – At The Racecourse Scene, Get Carter (1971)

A detailed study of one of the memorable scenes from the classic film, Get Carter (1971). The racecourse scene features the classic eyes like ‘piss-holes in the snow’ line!


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#6 – An Anniversary – Ian Hendry 30th Anniversary Tribute

24th December 2014, marked the 30th anniversary since the loss of Ian Hendry. The video below was released as a tribute to his life + work.


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#7 – Another Discovery – Theme Tune From The Informer (1966-1967)

Ian Hendry played the lead role as a debarred lawyer (Alex Lambert ) in the two series of The Informer (1966-1967). Only two master prints are known to exist – both held at the BFI. Sir Ridley Scott directed two of the episodes and described it as very good and Ian Hendry as ‘spectacular’. The original theme tune and stills have been located and this video gives a flavour of what we are all missing – the music is spectacular too!


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#8 – A Sad Loss – Patrick Macnee

25th June 2015 marked the end of an era, with the sad loss of Patrick Macnee at the age of 95. The Avengers was originally created as a vehicle for Ian Hendry, with Patrick as his side-kick John Steed. Patrick would of course go on to become synonymous with the series – after Ian left to pursue opportunities in film. The friends would re-unite to recall those early days, many years later, on Ian’s This Is Your Life (1978).

patrick-macnee-ian hendry

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#9 – Researching The Past – The Avengers, Series 1

The advent of self-publishing has opened up new opportunities for people to research and publish material that they are passionate about. Fine examples of this are the books on The Avengers, written by Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes and Alys Hayes. Real labours of love, they have retold the story of the creation of The Avengers – and Series 1 – in tremendous detail.


Two Against The Underworld The Avengers Series 1 Ian Hendry Patrick Macnee

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#10 – Early Years – Sports Day At Culford School (1947)

A chance discovery of a 16mm reel of black and white film on eBay, revealed footage of Ian Hendry – and his brother Donald – at the Culford Sports Day in 1947! Ian was just 16 years old at the time and this is thought to be the earliest record of him on film.


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Until next time,

Neil Hendry
Editor, Official Website of Ian Hendry

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