Welcome to the Official Website of Ian Hendry


Welcome to the Official Website of Ian Hendry

Our aim is simple. To remember and celebrate the enormous body of work, produced over a 30+ year period, by one of Britain’s most talented actors. 600+ television appearances, 30+ films, not to mention numerous theatre and radio plays.

Ian Hendry rose to prominence in the mid-50’s, a time when television was also emerging as the powerful new form of entertainment in the home.

With a limited numbers of TV channels, new stars were born and established. Many went on to be familiar faces in the living rooms of the nation in the following decades.

Discussions at work would often revolve around what had been watched on TV the night before. Today, the endless numbers of satellite and cable channels, internet and film rental options has dissipated this viewing phenomenon. But there was a time when the nation did sit down to watch just 2 or 3 channels, all in black and white.  These series were often recorded live, mistakes and all, and broadcast straight into people’s homes.

Ian Hendry And The Birth Of ‘Popular’ Television

Often experimental, television as the new form of social entertainment had been born, an opportunity that would ignite the careers of many of Britain’s best talent.

The story of Ian Hendry is so entwined with the rise in popularity of television in Britain. But it did not just end there. Increasing exposure and glowing critical reviews of his television appearances, led increasingly to film roles as well. 

We aim to capture the high-points, as well as the inevitable lows, of a life lived in the spotlight.

Creation Of The Official Website For Ian Hendry 

The idea of a site which would bring together the work of my uncle, Ian Hendry, had been on my mind for some time. There was a lot of information on him and his work on the internet. But there was no central ‘hub’ which brought it all together. About a year ago, I checked to see if the domain name ianhendry.com was still available, not thinking for one moment that it would be. To my surprise (and continued amazement) it was. The first significant part of the puzzle was completed.

The second part of the puzzle took a little while longer to fall into place. Over a year to be precise. In that time I have moved back to England after 10 years in Hong Kong and also been giving my support to Gabriel Hershman, whose biography, Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life of Ian Hendry is due out shortly.

Now, finally, the website is under way. It will evolve and gradually the various facets of Ian’s life will be expanded upon. We hope it will form a hub for those who appreciate his work and for those that have yet to discover him.

We hope that you enjoy your visit here. Please interact with us and share your thoughts and memories. If you have material (TV and Film Footage, pictures or memorabilia etc) that you would like to share, then we would love to hear from you too!

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A Final Thought

In time, further pieces of the ‘puzzle’ will appear and with it I hope the picture of a charismatic, complex, gifted, multi-faceted, generous, much-loved and yes, at times, difficult and troubled man, will emerge. But the pieces are just that…..elements of a much bigger picture. And as with any picture or painting, we may at times drawn to a certain element or detail that intrigues us so much that we no longer see the bigger picture.


Stand back for a minute and look again, because although the picture may not have changed, the way we see it certainly can.

Neil Hendry

Editor, Official Website of Ian Hendry


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