Ian Hendry + Penny Finzel – Rare Photograph From Penny’s Personal Collection – The Beauty Jungle [1964]

Picture: Ian Hendry with Penny Finzel [copyright: Penny Finzel]

Firstly, I’d like to say a big thank you to Penny Finzel who contacted me recently via the website contact form.

Penny was chosen to be an extra in the film, The Beauty Jungle [1964], in which Ian played the lead. She can be seen playing Miss Bognor Regis in the line-up.

This photograph of Penny and Ian together, taken during a break in filming, is a wonderful memory and a charming photograph.

She recalls some of her memories below, including what it was like meeting and working with Ian:

“Also, have a few newspaper cuttings of us, when I was Miss Bognor Regis … The local papers wanted Ian and myself for photoshoot… 1964 The Beauty Jungle (dreadful film at the time !) was filmed at the Butlins Holiday Camp, in Bognor. Hope this one helps until I find the cuttings. Fell madly in love with Ian, of course, he was very caring and found him easy to talk to. Was so sad to read of his early demise.”

Any newspaper cuttings will be added to this article, as and when. They are currently lost on Penny’s computer hard drive – somewhere –  something that I think we can all relate too!







Showing Sunday 15 September on #TalkingPicturesTV
Directed by Val Guest

22:00 THE BEAUTY JUNGLE (1964) comedy drama

Starring #JanetteScott #IanHendry #EdmondPurdom #SidJames #RonaldFraser #TommyTrinder #KayWalsh #NormanBird #JaninaFaye #JerryDesmonde #LionelBlair #FrancisMatthews #SterlingMoss
Uncredited appearance by #ValerieVanOst

On holiday in Weston-Super-Mare, Shirley takes part in the seaside resort’s rather tawdry beauty contest, hosted by the endlessly effervescent Tommy Trinder, (playing himself), although a sudden downpour spoils the event and Shirley doesn’t win. But journalist Don is not going to let a little setback like that bother him and persists in trying to convince Shirley to try again, despite her protests that she isn’t interested in further contests. However, she gets quite a reaction when she returns to work in Bristol and makes a defiant decision to leave her life behind and enter competitions as a career…..

A good role for Ian Hendry who was on the verge of becoming a star name at this junction of his career, though sadly he never quite made the ‘A’ list of stars. A good British sixties feature with direction from Val Guest who could turn his hand – and frequently did – to directing everything from comedies to horror.

The actress Valerie Van Ost, who enjoyed playing a small uncredited role in the film sadly passed away on 10 September 2019, but the film serves as a wonderful reminder of the kind of glamorous roles we were used to seeing her in.

Lots of lovely location filming in Weston-Super-Mare, Bristol and London (among others) from the sixties to enjoy.

Comments from the Talking Pictures TV Facebook page:


On Location – Then And Now – The Beauty Jungle

Reel Streets website has done an excellent job of finding the locations used in the film. To see their then and now portfolio – click here.


Sid James On Set


Picture: Sid James on set during the filming of The Beauty Jungle [1964]

For those who would like to read more about the film, there are a number of articles which can all be found via the link below:

Articles – The Beauty Jungle [1964]


Thanks again to Penny for sharing your memories of Ian.

Until next time,

Neil Hendry
Editor, Official Tribute To Ian Hendry

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