Review Of 2017 – Twelve Top Stories Selected From The Last Year

As 2017 draws to a close, here’s a quick look back at some of the highlights, discoveries, announcements and sad losses covered by the Ian Hendry website over the last year.

The twelve stories which stood out are:

1. Alan Gibson Discusses His School Boy Friendship With Ian Hendry – Ipswich School In The 1940s

Octagenarian Alan Gibson and his partner, Penny, contacted me in September 2017. What followed was a rare glimpse into Ian Hendry’s school-life in the 1940s.

Thanks to Alan and Penny for all their help with this article and their research.

This is Alan’s story:

Ian Hendry’s Ipswich School Days – Alan Gibson Reflects On Being School Friends With Ian Hendry In The Early 1940s [Audio]

2. David Perkes And Ian Hendry Form A Motorcyle Display Team – National Service 1949-1951

Another octagenarian, David Perkes, also shared his memories of Ian Hendry, this time during their National Service Days in Scotland. David Perkes’ love of motorcycles and tricks inspired Ian and they both then formed a motorcycle display team.

This is David’s story:

David Perkes, Ian Hendry And The Formation Of The 32nd Medium Regiment Royal Artillery Motorcycle Display Team, Gordon Barracks, Scotland [1949-1951]

3. Theatre Of Blood [1973] Rare Autographed Colour Lobby Card Discovered

Rare memorabilia continues to surface. This colour lobby card from Theatre Of Blood [1973] was autographed by all the actors in it. A bit of a gem:

Theatre of Blood [1973] – Autographed By Milo O’Shea, Harry Andrews, Ian Hendry, Arthur Lowe, Robert Coote and Jack Hawkins

4. Ian Hendry – Rowing Home Across The Thames To ‘Sphinx’, Pharaohs Island

An atmospheric candid shot of Ian Hendry rowing home across the Thames, was also discovered. The article also includes some ‘then and now’ pictures of Janet Munro and his home, ‘Sphinx’, located on Pharaohs Island – as well as a connection with Lord Nelson:

Ian Hendry – Rowing Home Across The Thames To ‘Sphinx’, Pharaohs Island, Shepperton [1966]

5. Stefan Gryff – Perhaps Best Known As Captain Michael Krasakis In The Lotus Eaters, Dies Age 79

This event went unnoticed with the mainstream press, but was reported by the Michael J. Bird tribute website. Chris Williams, a long-time devoted fan of The Lotus Eaters, Michael J. Bird and  enthusiastic supporter of the Ian Hendry website was determined that we should pay a tribute to this actor.

In his research he uncovered a remarkable personal family story behind the man and spoke with his widow.

Here is Chris’ tribute to Stefan:

Stefan Gryff – In Memory Of The Actor Who Played Captain Michael Krasakis, Alongside Ian Hendry In The Lotus Eaters [1938 – 2017]

6. Police Surgeon Book Published – Retelling The Story Behind The Series That Led To The Avengers

Alan Hayes, Richard McGinaly and Alys Hayes completed their ‘trilogy’, with the publication of the story behind Police Surgeon – the series that ultimately led to the creation of The Avengers.

Police Surgeon gave Ian his first big break in television and would lead to even bigger things, when he was cast a year later as Dr. Keel in The Avengers:

Police Surgeon – ‘Dr. Brent’s Casebook’ – New Book Reveals The Compelling Story Behind The Almost Forgotten Series That Led To The Creation Of A Television Legend – The Avengers

7. Rare Still Of Ian Hendry And Roy Thinnes In Spaceship Found – Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun [1969]

Another rare still discovered. This one is a classic black and white of Ian Hendry and Roy Thinnes in a spaceship, for promting the film, Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun [ 1969]. Space travel was everywhere at the end of the 60s. David Bowies was singing about it and the historic first human manned moon landing occured.

Here Ian Hendry and Roy Thinnes also play at being spacemen:

Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun [aka Doppleganger] – Rare Original Photographs And The ‘Real-Life’ Connection To The Cambridge Science Instruments Co. [1969]

8. Ian Hendry And Britt Ekland At The Westbury Hotel, London [1965]

Several pictures have emerged of the ABC headline stars taken for the autumn 1965 season promotion.

Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Bruce Forsyth, Dickie Davies and Dusty Springfield were others included in this photoshoot.

This picture is of Britt Ekland, with her arms linked with Bruce Forsyth’s to our left [also sadly lost this year] and Ian Hendry to our right.

Ian Hendry + Britt Ekland – ABC TV’s Reception Held At The Westbury Hotel, London[1965]

9. Ian Hendry [1962] and Patrick Macnee [1964] – Rare UTV Interviews Discovered In Northern Ireland

Kaleidosciope announced the discovery of some rare footage in Norther Ireland, produced originally by UTV. This included a very rare 1962 interview with Ian Hendry, in which he discusses some of the reasons why he left The Avengers; and a Patrick Macnee interview from 1964, in which he also discusses the first series.

Two Rare TV Interviews Discovered – Ian Hendry ’62 and Patrick Macnee ’64 – Both Interviews Discuss The Avengers

10. Sir John Hurt Dies, Age 77

Sir John hurt died after a long battle with cancer. He appeared with Ian Hendry and June Ritchie in the film This Is My Street way back in 1964].

Here we pay tribute to the very talented and versatile actor:

Sir John Hurt – A Tribute

11. Rare Ian Hendry Scrapbook Discovered And Acquired

The discovery and acqusition of this very rare scrapbook will provide a lot of very useful material for the website in 2018.

It was collated over three decades by Ian Scoones, a long-time friend of Ian’s. Ian Scoones worked in special effects, including Dr. Who, and was clearly also a big fan of Ian’s work.

When the scrapbook became available, I jumped at the chance to add it to the collection. I haven’t had enough time to add any articles yet, but here is a sneak preview of what to expect in 2018:

And Finally…

12. The Avengers ‘Tunnel Of Fear’ – Studio Canal Announce Forthcoming Release On DVD

Studio Canal announced the forthcoming planned release of  The Avengers, ‘Tunnel Of Fear’ episode, discovered after having been ‘lost’ for over 55 years!

Originally scheduled for released in mid-January 2018, Studio Canal have advised me that this was a ‘placeholder’ date. It is likely to slip a little, but you should still expect it to be released in the first quater of 2018.

I’ve been working behind the scenes and helping the Studio Canal team over the last couple of months; providing some input material, background research and have also written the foreword for the booklet which will accompany this DVD release. Alan Hayes has written an essay which will also be included.

Expect more announcements soon:


The Avengers – Lost Episode ‘Tunnel of Fear’ [1961] – Studio Canal DVD Release Date Set For 15th January 2018?



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Wishing you all a very Happy New Year and see you all again in 2018!

Until next time,

Neil Hendry
Editor, Official Tribute To Ian Hendry

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