Rare Still – Los Traidores de San Angel aka Traitors of San Angel (1967)

Picture above: Ian Hendry (as Nick Thomas) and Ray Millan (as Carlitos) – Los Traidores de San Angel aka Traitors of San Angel (1967)


It’s not clear how Ian Hendry became involved in this rather obscure film set in Argentina and the USA. It’s almost certainly the only time in his career that he can be seen dressed up as a Catholic Priest!

The film was originally in technicolour but the only complete version found to date is in black and white.

Watch: Traitors of San Angel (1967)

In a recent comment on the video, the original principal screenwriter give us some more background to the original film.

James Lewis writes:

“As the principal screenwriter of this film I am appalled that it has been converted from beautiful technicolor to B and W. The color was very important for Leopoldo: he imbued it with dramatic significance. The film now is very dark and obscure when it was originally throbbing with color, light and velvety shadows.”


Henchmen of the dictator from an unnamed South American country blackmail Nick Thomas (Ian Hendry) into being a government spy.

The former smuggler is to pose as a priest and enter a monastery thought to be sympathetic with rebel guerillas. For his compliancy, Nick is supposed to receive money and his freedom. Marina (Graciela Borges) poses as a prostitute in hopes of being thrown in jail to contact political prisoners.

Maurice Evans plays Father James Keefe, suspected of being a rebel conspirator. Enrique Sandoval is sufficiently sinister as the corrupt police chief who follows the orders of the ruthless dictator. The release of the film coincided with real-life events, as Catholic priests continued to be the victims of government persecution throughout Latin America


The film was directed by Leopoldo Torre Nilsson (5 May 1924 – 8 September 1978), also known as Leo Towers and as Babsy. Leopoldo was an Argentine film director, producer and screenwriter.

Born as Leopoldo Torres Nilsson (he later changed his paternal surname from Torres to Torre) was the son of Argentine pioneer film director Leopoldo Torres Ríos, with whom he collaborated between 1939 and 1949. He debuted in 1947 with the short El muro. His mother was an Argentinian citizen of Swedish descent. His uncle was cinematographer Carlos Torres Ríos (1898–1956)

See: Leopoldo Torre Nilsson


Directed by:

Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

Writing Credits (in alphabetical order)

Edgardo Cozarinsky
André Du Rona (story)
Beatriz Guido
James Lewis
Leopoldo Torre Nilsson

Cast (in credits order)

Ian Hendry … Nick Thomas
Lautaro Murúa … Fonseca
Graciela Borges … Marina
Maurice Evans … James Keefe
Enrique Lucero … Rodriguez
Esther Sandoval … Dona Consuelo
José de San Antón … Director Carcel
Héctor Pellegrini … Voice of Maurice Evans
Sergio Renán … Voice of Ian Hendry (I)

Produced by:
André Du Rona … executive producer
Leopoldo Torre Nilsson … producer

Music by:
Sergio Mihanovich

Cinematography by:
Alex Phillips

Film Editing by:
Jorge Gárate
Chuck Workman

Production Design by:
André Du Rona

Art Direction by:
Óscar Lagomarsino

Set Decoration by:
Óscar Lagomarsino

Production Management by:
Patricia Thomson

Sound Department by:
Miguel Babuini … sound recordist
José Feijóo … sound editor

Editorial Department by:
Jorge Mobaied … assistant editor
Óscar López Ruiz … musical director

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