Ian Hendry – Rare Candid Portrait from Police Surgeon (1960) From The Book ‘Both Sides Of The Camera’ By ABC Television

Picture above: Ian Hendry investigates a car crash as Dr. Geoffrey Brent, Police Surgeon (1960)

Ian Hendry – A Rising Star at ABC Television

With the recent find of the missing episode of The Avengers, ‘Tunnel Of Fear’, this latest find gives a glimpse into the career of Ian Hendry, shortly before he landed the role as Dr. David Keel.

In 1960, he was given the part of Dr. Geoffrey Brent in a new series titled ‘Police Surgeon’. Whilst the series achieved only moderate ratings success, ABC Television were keen to create a new vehicle for his talent – which of course became known as The Avengers. A new book, covering this early series is currently being written by authors Alan Hayes and Richard McGinlay – who have, of course, also written the definitive book on The Avengers, Series 1.

Both Sides Of The Camera – ABC Television (1960)

The following is taken from a lovely book produced by ABC Television to celebrate the early years. ‘Both Sides Of The Camera, A Souvenir Book Of Television Programmes And The People Who Make Them’ was published in 1960 by Weidenfeld and Nicholson.


Picture: Ian Hendry on first side of a double page feature titled ‘Building a reputation’ Photograph by Warwick Bedford

The text from this article is reproduced below:

Building a reputation

Developing young talent has always been an objective of ABC Television. The current drama season brought stardom to Ian Hendry, a young actor who gave a fine performance last Spring in Return To Base, an episode of Inside Story, the hour-long drama series about life in a block of flats which Ted Willis edited for Sunday afternoon viewing. During the Summer, Ian Hendry added to his reputation with John Gregson in Flight From Treason; ABC then gave him his own series with the title role in Police Surgeon, edited by Julian Bond.
Below: Ian Hendry is seen in Inside Story with Margaret Anderson and Ruth Dunning;oppposite: he investigates a car crash as Dr. Geoffrey Brent, Police Surgeon


Picture: Front Cover – ‘Both Sides Of The Camera’ By ABC TV (1960). Published By Weidenfeld and Nicholson.


Picture: Rear Cover – ‘Both Sides Of The Camera’ By ABC TV (1960). Published By Weidenfeld and Nicholson. The ITA Regions are illustrated as they were in Christmas 1960!

Thanks To Michael Harrison – Sound Crew Member At ABC Television

I’d like to thank Michael for letting me know about this book, without which I’d never have found this feature and photographs of Ian.

Also, for sharing some of his recollections of working at ABC in those early days. Involved with the sound crew, Michael worked on the first series of The Avengers, including the episodes which were broadcast live, and many other programmes as well. His memories of how nerve-wracking it was to co-ordinate the pre-recorded sound with the live shows, brings home just how pioneering those early days of television really were.

The picture, below is taken from the front inside cover of the book and shows an ABC Television studio in action during a production.  And if you look very carefully, you can see a young Michael Harrison operating the microphone boom – at the centre of it all!


Picture: ABC Television Studio in action. Michael Harrison operates the microphone boom in the centre of the picture.

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