Ian Hendry – Portrait From The Late 50s/ Early 60s

Picture: Ian Hendry Portrait from the late 50’s/ early 60’s – Granada TV archive.

A recent find of an early Ian Hendry portrait from the Granada TV archive. On the rear of the photograph is a press cutting from a TV listings page:

Ian Hendry stars in ITV’s Big Picture film “The Girl in the Headlines” (tomorrow, 7.25pm)

Ian Hendry Granada TV Portrait Back Early 60's

Picture: Ian Hendry portrait – back of photograph


The Girl in the Headlines was a film made in 1963, with a cast including Ronnie Fraser, James Villiers and Jeremy Brett. The rear of the photo includes the date stamp 21st March 1970, but this is more likely to be the day the film was broadcast on TV and not when the picture was taken. On the rear of the picture there is also the hand written note ‘Ian Hendry Y/col w/d 10.30 for P2’ suggesting that it was used for an earlier weekday programme listing.

If we had to estimate when it was taken, we’d say ‘late 50’s/ early 60’s’.

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