DVD Release: For Maddie With Love [1980] Starring Ian Hendry + Nyree Dawn Porter

Network Release Complete Series On DVD

Some great news for fans of Ian Hendry, Nyree Dawn Porter and classic television drama. Network have just announced the planned release of the series, For Maddie With Love [1980]. The DVD can be ordered from Network’s website and will be shipped on 15th April 2019.

Network have also released the first two episodes from the series on their Youtube channel – further details in the article below.

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For Maddie With Love [1980]

Hard-hitting and unsentimental, For Maddie With Love is the story of a woman who knows she is dying and, in doing so, rediscovers the love she has for her husband and family.

Showcasing memorable performances from Nyree Dawn Porter and Ian Hendry and an affecting, stylishly minimalist design ethic, this daytime afternoon drama – which ran twice-weekly through much of 1980 – became compulsive viewing due to its powerful take on terminal illness, self-determined euthanasia and the aftermath of a death in the family. This set contains all 48 episodes from both series of this classic drama.

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Watch Episodes 1 – For Maddie With Love [1980]

Watch the first episode on Network’s Youtube channel – see below:

"For Maddie With Love: The Complete Series" – Episode 1 – Order now

Watch Episode 2

Watch the second episode on Network’s Youtube channel – see below:

"For Maddie With Love: The Complete Series" – Episode 2 – Order now

For Maddie With Love [1980]

For Maddie with Love is a 1980 British television drama serial dealing with Maddie’s discovery that she has a brain tumour and only a few months to live.

This 48-part (30 minute) daytime serial, written by Douglas Watkinson was made by ATV and shown on British television beginning in May 1980. Maddie was played by Nyree Dawn Porter [1] and her husband Malcolm by Ian Hendry.[2] The series ran over two years from 1980 to 1981 and was published as a novel in 1980 by NEL books. (ATV lost their licence to broadcast in 1981.) It has never been repeated or remade.

Unusually the setting for the drama looked more like that of a theatre piece. Partial sets were used with only the furniture and background items strictly needed for each scene. (Typical was the conservatory which consisted of a few cane chairs, plants, some dividers and Malcolm’s painting of Maddie.) It was given a daytime afternoon slot, one for which it was expected to get a mainly female based following. However as it was never shown during peak viewing times it did not become as well known as it might.

Ian Hendry and Nyree Dawn Porter


Maddie starts to realise that her body is not functioning normally. Although she tries to hide it, eventually her son sees her fall and insists she sees a doctor. She is diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour. This is the start of the family’s journey with Maddie until she eventually dies. The story centres on the interplay between Maddie and her husband Malcolm, examining the illusive and sometimes surreal nature of their relationship. At the same time family problems keep putting demands on Maddie’s time and energy. Her daughter Gilly (Sheridan Fitzgerald) is pregnant after having had a miscarriage. Her two sons have the normal but pressing mix of young men’s problems. Gordon is the cool solicitor and Neil her youngest at university. We see the family first descend into chaos and then learn to pull together for Maddie’s sake. Malcolm cannot accept Maddie’s death until one day his children are once again gathered around the dining table and she is not there.


How To Order:

The DVD can be ordered from Network. Shipped on 15th April 2019.

Click here to access the Network order page:

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