Drama ’63 – 54 Minute Affair – Ian Hendry and Jeanette Sterke

The play ’54 Minute Affair’, by Julian Bond, was filmed during the coldest winter in Britain since 1740! Ian Hendry starred opposite Jeanette Sterke in this Drama ’63 TV Production.

Drama 61-67 was an anthology drama series which took a different title, based on year of transmission, each year (e.g. Drama ’63). It alternated with Armchair Theatre from ABC in the Sunday evening slot.

The series was described at the time as epitomising ATV drama

The production was filmed at various locations in London, including Marylebone Station which formed the backdrop for the still photograph and a Jazz club where the couple met at the start of a (very) brief romance. Ian was a lifelong fan of jazz and would certainly have approved of this location. Perhaps he even suggested it himself……

Jeanette Sterke (born 1934) is an English actress.

Sterke was born in Prague, Czechoslovakia. Her parents emigrated to England to escape the Nazis. She was schooled in England and attended RADA. She has had a long stage and television career and also appeared in several films including Live Now Pay Later, which of course starred Ian in the leading role.

Here are some reviews of the play.

TV Times Preview 24-30 March 1963





Glasgow Evening Times 23rd March 1963



Ian Hendry – Harry Barnes
Jeanette Sterke – Sue Anson
Francesca Annis – Sally
William Gaunt – Ewan
Edward Hardwicke – Jim

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