The Informer (1967) – Rare Still Found From ‘Your Secret’s Are Safe With Us, Mr Lambert’ Starring Ian Hendry + Jane Blackburn [Dir. Ridley Scott]

Picture above: The Informer (1967) – rare Anglia Television still from ‘Your Secret’s Are Safe With Us, Mr Lambert’ starring Ian Hendry + Jane Blackburn

In his early career, Sir Ridley Scott directed two episodes of The Informer. This rare still – which was only discovered recently in the archives of a now defunct newspaper – is from one of those episodes. ‘Your Secrets Are Safe With Us, Mr. Lambert’ was first broadcast on 15th November 1967.

There is an extract below, from when Sir Ridley Scott was interviewed by Steve Wright on BBC Radio 2, where he briefly discusses the show and working with Ian Hendry.

Jane Blackburn – who is also featured in this still – is best known for Prick Up Your Ears (1987), Subterfuge (1968) and The Passenger (1971).

the-informer-anglia-television-your-secrets-are-safe-with-me-mr-lambert-ian-hendry-jane-blackburn-15th-november-1967-2 the-informer-anglia-television-your-secrets-are-safe-with-me-mr-lambert-ian-hendry-jane-blackburn-15th-november-1967-3

Pictures above: Ian Hendry and Jane Blackburn – The Informer (1967) –  Anglia Television Reference Still


Ian Hendry – Alex Lambert
Heather Sears – Helen Lambert
Neil Hallett – Det. Sgt. Piper
Jean Marsh – Sylvia Parrish
Redmond Bailey – Charlie
Jane Blackburn – Julia Devas
Peter Copley – Richard Edwards
Keith Grenville – Policeman
Jack Hedley – John Harlton
Peter Hughes – Major Read
Frieda Knorr – Alicia Coburn
Penelope Lee – Peggy Harlton
Robert Russell – Webster

Directed by:

Ridley Scott

Writing Credits:

Geoffrey Bellman – Creator

John Whitney – Creator

John Tyler – Writer

Sir Ridley Scott On The Informer + Ian Hendry

Extract of a Sir Ridley Scott interview by Steve Wright (BBC Radio 2- 22nd December 2014) in which he discusses his early career and mentions working with Ian Hendry on the series The Informer. He actually says The Insider in the interview, but heck it was back in the 60’s!

Theme Tune – Superperformance by David Lindup

This brilliant theme by David Lindup was first used back in the 60’s for the series The Informer starring Ian Hendry. It was later used by The Monty Python team in the sketch ‘The Bishop’!

To find out more about this series.

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