Ian Hendry – This Is Your Life (March 1978) – The Director’s 4:3 Ratio Cut! Eamonn Andrews + Patrick Macnee + Ian Bannen + Wanda Ventham + Tommy Cooper + More….

Video above: Ian Hendry – This Is Your Life (March 1978)

Revised video now uses the original 4:3 TV format – so you can now see all of the frame.

This video can also be accessed on YouTube using the link below:

Ian Hendry – This Is Your Life


On the day of recording Ian Hendry was suffering from ‘red flu’, which was affecting the country in 1978. There were even some fears as to whether the show would go ahead.

In the end it did and the ‘interception’ by Eamonn Andrews and Patrick Macnee – both dressed as Steed – created a classic ‘This Is Your Life‘ moment and introduction for the show.

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Eamonn Andrews – Host

Ian Hendry – Featured

Tommy Cooper
Maurice Denham
Ian Ferguson
Ronald Fraser
Anouska Hempel .
Patrick Macnee
Neil McCarthy
Patrick Pile
Valentina Poliakoff
Murray Robb
June Ritchie
Heather Sears
Wanda Ventham

Sandra (Sandy) Hendry
Sally Hendry
Corrie Hendry
Emma Hendry
James (Jim) Hendry
Enid Hendry
Donald Hendry
Valerie Hendry
Karen Hendry
Susan Hendry
Neil Hendry

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