Repulsion [1965] – Original Italian Film Poster ‘Fotobusta’ Featuring Ian Hendry, Catherine Deneuve + Yvonne Furneaux

Rare Italian film poster discovered…in Italy!

This classic 60’s film was directed by Roman Polanski and produced by Michael Klinger

Picture: l-r Catherine Deneuve, Roman Polanski and John Fraser

We celebrated the 50th anniversary of Repulsion with a three part tribute, featuring photographs, posters, anecdotes and clips from the film. The links to these articles are below:

Repulsion – Original Stills Discovered In Paris

Yvonne Furneaux and Ian Hendry – Repulsion [1965]

Some classic black and white original stills were found last year in Paris – these can all be viewed in the article below:

Tony Klinger

Lastly, film director Tony Klinger, son of Repulsion’s producer Michael Klinger, made contact recently and exchanged some of his memories and anecdotes about Ian Hendry. Michael and Ian also worked together again on the classic cult film Get Carter [1971] and apparently got on famously!

Tony also shared his personal story about how that famous line ‘..eyes look like…piss-holes in the snow‘ became incorporated into the script. The article also takes a deep dive into the history of that line and origins that may well date back to WW1.

Picture: l-r Michael Caine, Ian Hendry and Michael Klinger – Get Carter [1971]

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