No.1: The Ian Hendry Files. Rare Scrapbook Extracts From The 1950s – 1980s

Note: This forms the first part of a series of articles which will share the complete contents of this rare scrapbook. Enjoy!

A year or so ago I was able to acquire a unique piece of memorabilia – a scrapbook covering the life and career of Ian Hendry from the 1950s right through to the 1980s.

And the backstory to the scrapbook is also fascinating, as it was collated over three decades by someone who was both a fan as well as a long-time friend of Ian’s – another Ian – Ian Scoones.

Ian Scoones worked in special effects, including Dr. Who, and was clearly a huge admirer of Ian’s work.

The scrapbook then sat on top of a bookcase at home as other projects began to take priority. Gabriel Hershman, Ian’s biographer, has been asking me when I am going to publish the material. So apologies for it taking so long but, finally, it is here. Or rather the first instalment, the complete scrapbook will be shared with you over the coming weeks.

The scrapbook contains some thirty or so pages, some which are still attached to the binding and some which are held loosely in place with yellow, dry Cellotape – brittle from the passage of time which those of a certain age will be able to picture.

It’s also held together by memories, both personal and collective, as it highlights the passage of time when a golden era of television and film formed such a key part in family and social life. This was long before there were multiple satellite channels, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube and the endless options and alternatives to the two or three TV channels that dominated for so long, creating shared experiences and the topics of endless conversations.

The scrapbook is an eclectic mix of news cuttings, TV programme listings, stills/ photographs, theatre programmes and magazine articles. It’s also not in chronological order, so the best way to present it to you is as you would read it – from cover to cover.

So below is the first part and the rest will follow in order. Enjoy turning the pages and turning back the clock.

Ian Hendry Scrapbook – Cover + Pages 1 to 2

Ian Hendry + Harold Innocent – ‘The High Game’ Anglia TV 3rd August 1970
Ian Hendry, Janet Munro, Sally, Corrie and Polar [1970]. Theatre of Blood [1973] – a classic film with a marvellous ensemble cast.

If you have any memories that relate to the contents of the scrapbook, the programmes, films, other actors, what life was like for you back then, then please feel free share them as comments on the Facebook page. And with your agreement, I’ll then add them to the articles.

Watch out for further instalments in this series.

Until next time,

Neil Hendry
Editor, Official Tribute To Ian Hendry

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