What’s New At The Official Tribute To Ian Hendry?

News? Ian Hendry + Alan Badel Children Of The Damned

Picture: What’s New? Ian Hendry + Alan Badel – Children Of The Damned (1963)

Monday 2nd October 2016

New article: The Avengers, Series 1 – Missing Episode Discovered!

Sunday 20th December

New article: Anthony Read Obituary


Monday 30th November 2015

New article: Ian Hendry Portrait Late 50s/ Early 60s

New article: Ian Hendry and Loni Von Friedl – Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (1969)


Sunday 29th November 2015

New article: Tales From The Crypt (1972) – Ian Hendry, Peter Cushing, Roy Ashton


Thursday 19th November 2015

New article: Two Against The Underworld – The Collected Unauthorised Guide to The Avengers Series 1


Tuesday 10th November 2015

New article: Wedding of Ian Hendry + Janet Munro Today Magazine Article – 23rd February 1963 


Saturday 10th October 2015

New article: Ian Hendry ‘Clown Portrait’ – TV Times article 18th March 1972


Friday 25th September 2015

New article: This Is My Street (1964) – Ian Hendry Promotional Still


Tuesday 8th September 2015

New article: Royston Mayoh on Ian Hendry + Tommy Cooper


Sunday 23rd August 2015

New article: The McKenzie Break (1970): Ian Hendry – Universal Artists Promotional Still


Saturday 15th August 2015

New article: 16mm Film – Culford Sports Day 1947


Saturday 8th August 2015

New article: Ian Hendry + His Wonderful Wife Sandy


Sunday 25th July 2015

New article: The Avengers Theme – 33rpm Vinyl LP


Sunday July 5th 2015

New article: Blu-Ray Release – Journey To The Far Side of The Sun


Friday 26th June 2015

New article: Patrick Macnee – Tribute


Wednesday 24th June 2015

New article: Children of the Damned – Ian Hendry + Alfred Burke + Alan Badel (1964)


Saturday 20th June 2015

New article: Theatre of Blood (1973) – Vincent Price + Ian Hendry


Wednesday 17th June 2015

New article: The Informer (1966) Theme Tune by David Lindup


Sunday 14th June 2015

New article: The Avengers – Ian Hendry + Joan Watson (1961)


Saturday 13th June 2015

New article: Ian Hendry With Gauloises (1963)


Saturday 13th June 2015

New article: Ian Hendry With Gauloises (1963)


Wednesday 10th June 2015

New article: Ian Hendry – On A Boat (1967)


Sunday 7th June 2015

New article: The Avengers Series 1 – The Search For The Missing Episodes (1961)


Monday 25th May 2015

New article: Ian Hendry + Nyree Dawn Porter Still from Live Now Pay Later (1962)


Friday 22nd May 2015

New article: The Southern Star (1969)


Monday 18th May 2015

New article: The McKenzie Break (1970)


Saturday 16th May 2015

New article: This Is My Street – Rare Promotional Still (1963)


Monday 11th May 2015

New article: Murder On Arrival – Westminster Theatre (1959)


Saturday 11th April 2015

New article:

The Sandwich Man (1966)


Thursday 2nd April 2015

New article and video:

Download – Live Now Pay Later (1962)


Wednesday 1st April 2015

New article and video:

Watch – Live Now Pay Later (1962)


Saturday 28th March 2015

New article:

Classic Scene #1 – Get Carter ‘At The Racecourse’ (1971)


Thursday 26th March 2015

New article:

Official Website of Ian Hendry – 2nd Anniversary!


Thursday 26th March 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry – Photoplay Film Magazine c. 1967


Wednesday 25th March 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry – Rare Promotional Picture c. 1957


Tuesday 24th March 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry – The Adventures of Don Quick (1970)


Monday 20th March 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry – The Adventures of Don Quick (1970)


Sunday 15th March 2015

New article:

Classic Posters – Get Carter (1971)


Friday 13th March 2015

New article:

Video: This Is Your Life – Original 4:3 Format (1971)


Friday 6th March 2015

New article:

Crimebusters Annual: The Avengers ‘The Drug Pedlar (1962)


Thursday 5th March 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry – First Professional Role ‘Reluctant Heroes’ Hornchurch Theatre (1955)


Wednesday 4th March 2015

New article:

On Set – The Sweeney ‘Ringer’ (1975)


Sunday 1st March 2015

New article:

ABC TV Line-up (1965)


Saturday 28th February 2015

New article:

The Hill (1965) – 50th Anniversary Tribute


Monday 16th February 2015

Three articles paying tribute to 50th anniversary of Repulsion (1965)

Part 1 – Repulsion 50th Anniversary Tribute
Part 2 – Repulsion 50th Anniversary Tribute
Part 3 – Repulsion 50th Anniversary Tribute


Tuesday 10th February 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry Meets Ian Hendry! Premiere of Live Now Pay Later in Ipswich (1963)


Thursday 5th February 2015

New article:

In The Nick – Anthony Newley + Ian Hendry (1960)


Saturday 24th January 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry + Peter Bowles – Anecdote – The Beaux Stratagem, Oxford Playhouse (1957)


Friday 23rd January 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry + June Ritchie – Original Lobby Cards – Live Now Pay Later (1962)


Thursday 22nd January 2015

New article: Background to the Studios and the production….

Ian Hendry + Janet Munro – Teddington Studios + Armchair Theatre’s ‘Afternoon Of A Nymph’ (1962)


Tuesday 20th January 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry + Orson Welles – Rare Still From The Southern Star (1969)


Thursday 1st January 2015

New article:

Ian Hendry + Britt Ekland – A Cold Peace (1965)


Wednesday 24th December 2014

Today marks a significant event – the 30th anniversary since Ian died.

This tribute, whilst reflecting on that loss, also aims to celebrate his many achievements:

Ian Hendry “A Life On Screen’


Friday 12th December 2014

New Article: Woody Allen on The Hill (1965) and other favourite films

Thursday 11th December 2014

New article on the Steed Umbrella website:

Ian Hendry – An Interview with Gabriel Hershman


Thursday 18th September

New article added:

With Umbrella, Scotch and Cigarettes – Interview with co-author Richard McGinlay


Sunday 14th September 2014

New article added:

Ian Hendry – The Beauty Jungle (1964)


Thursday 4th September 2014

New article added:

New Book: With Umbrella, Whiskey and Cigarettes – The Avengers, Series 1


Tuesday 26th August 2014

Roger Moore and Ian Hendry, The Persuaders “The Time and the Place”


Saturday 16th August 2014 

New article added:

Get Carter (1971) Behind The Scenes


Monday 14th July 2014 

New article added:

Birth of The Avengers


Saturday 4th July 2014 

New article added:

Drama ’63 – 54 Minute Affair – Ian Hendry and Jeanette Sterke


Saturday 31st May 2014 

New article added:

Ian Hendry – Interview in The Stage


Monday 27th January 2014

New article added –

Ian Hendry – This Is My Street (1964) 

and a recent website review of the biography on Ian:

Black Hole Reviews – Ian Hendry Biography


Friday 12th January 2014

New article added –

Ian Hendry – Doppleganger – Journey To The Far Side Of The Sun (1969) 


Thursday 19th December 2013

New article added –

Ian Hendry – This Is Your Life 1978 Original Script 


Tuesday 17th December 2013

New article added –

In Memory Of Peter O’Toole


Wednesday 9th December 2013


New article added, with a recent find in TV World magazine for the New Year, 1966/1967.

Ian Hendry – ‘The Island’ – TV World Magazine (1966-67)


Wednesday 20th November 2013

Coverage by Kaleidoscope (in their latest podcast) of the recent biography on Ian by Gabriel Hershman.


An announcement that a recently recovered 1965 TV play, the Theatre 625 production of ‘Miss Julie’ directed by Alan Bridges, will be screened as part of ‘Dramatic Spaces, The Imaginative World of The TV Studio’ at the National Film Theatre in February 2014……

So good news as more of his work comes to light….

Kaleidoscope Podcast


Wednesday 30th October 2013

A few updates.

New post: Ian Hendry and Janet Munro at Home

New autograph found: Ian Hendry Autograph 1962 Live Now Pay Later


Also, a big thanks to Denis R. who has carried out some great research and uncovered more some stage and radio performances by Ian:

Plays (Theatre):

– The Critic and the Heart – Ian Hendry as Pat Rye (Oxford Playhouse. Premiered 1st April 1957)

– Murder On Arrival – Ian Hendry as Steve Taylor (Westminster Theatre, London. Premiered on 16th June 1959).

Note: Correction to previous 1959 entry. Ian was in ‘Murder On Arrival’ and not in ‘Not A Spark Of Sympathy’ as previously stated..

Plays (Radio):

– Unscheduled Stop – BBC Radio 4  (Broadcast 27th September 1969)

– A Moon for the Misbegotten BBC Radio 3  (Broadcast 5th February 1978

– A Little Bit of Heaven BBC Radio 4  (Broadcast 8 May 1978, repeated on 14th May 1978)


We will add these to the menu/ listings and in due course we’ll also add some more material on Ian’s theatre work, including some very early programmes.


Thursday 26th September 2013

We have found and added another press article from the 1970’s. This one is from Photoplay Film Monthly (July 1971) edition and features Ian Hendry and Janet Munro at home in London.

Photoplay Film Monthly – Ian Hendry and Janet Munro

Due to the growing number of press articles, we have now split the decade into two halves:

1970 – 1974

1975 – 1979

Do let us know ( via the Contact Form) if you find any interesting articles related to Ian and his work. Thanks!

Friday 30th August 2013

Further finds of rare press articles have added to the growing collection. Special thanks to ‘Billy Farmer’ on the Britmovie Forum website for finding and posting some great articles and magazine covers there from the 60’s and 70’s, which we have added to this site.

If you have not read the recent post/ article on this site then take a look now. It uncovers some more background on Ian and his first wife, Jo, just as he was on the cusp of his major breakthrough as an actor.

Ian Hendry Article

Friday 16th August 2013

We continue to add newly discovered press articles to the In The Press pages of the website, so keep checking back from time to time to see updates.

We’ve also been busy updating many of the entries for television appearances in the 1960’s and 1980’s and we will then continue to update the 1950’s and 1970’s. Once Film and Television entries are complete we will the start on the Theatre entries for the many plays that Ian starred in over the years. We have collected a number of the original programmes from the shows, including several from the 1950’s which we will scan and add to the site. So watch this space!

Also some additional pictures of Ian’s early years have been added to the site. Ian as a newborn baby, at Culford School and doing National Service can all be found here:

Ian Hendry – The Early Years

Lastly, if you do come across any memorabilia on Ian, including old recordings, theatre programmes, press articles, photographs etc. then please do contact us and let us know.

We have already discovered some ‘lost’ recordings and rare press articles through the generosity of people who have contacted us. Thank you!


Sunday 11th August 2013

Even Rarer Find – Very FIRST press article on Ian Hendry!

1954 – Picture Post – March 27th Edition – Ian Hendry and Helen Dorward

When he was still a drama student at Central School of Speech and Drama, London.

Many thanks to Sharon Kynaston for contacting the website and donating this very rare and interesting magazine.


Saturday 10th August 2013

A rare find. The original promotional portrait of Ian Hendry, by ABC Television, to promote their new series, The Avengers.

Photograph and article:

Ian Hendry – The Avengers Portrait : ABC Televison (1960)

We have another rare piece of memorabilia that has been found and is being kindly sent to us for publication. More details soon!


Sunday 4th August 2013

Inspired by some press clippings posted on the Ian Hendry Section of the terrific and thoroughly well recommended Britmovie Forum, we have now created a new section on the website called ‘In The Press’ and have uploaded many clippings from our personal collection.

It is broken down into the various decades of his career, 1950’s, 1960’s, 1970’s, 1980’s and Post 1980’s with press cuttings from various national and local publications included under each. We will continue to add to these and please let us know if you have any clippings or find any new ones on the net. Thanks!

Links below:

In The Press 1950’s

In The Press 1960’s

In The Press 1970’s

In The Press 1980’s

In The Press Post 1980’s


Friday 2nd August 2013

Brief update. We apologise for some down-time over the last couple of weeks as a result of problems with our hosting company. We have now changed to a UK Hosting company who have been superb in moving the site over. Hopefully we can all enjoy a period of stability now with absence of the wrong kind of drama. Something our previous hosts could have won awards for!

Onwards and upwards!


Sunday 16th June 2013 

The Informer (1966/67): We have just located a set of 7 of the original episode/ synopsis notes for this series. The Informer ran for two series, with a total of 21 x 60 minute episodes in total being produced. Sadly, all have been ‘lost’, feared wiped and precious little information is available about the series. We will publish more on this shortly. We have also reached the milestone of 100 videos/ clips on the Official Ian Hendry YouTube Channel. We will continue to add new material over time. Please contact us if you have any clips that you think may be of interest. Thanks.

Youtube Channel: Ian Hendry


Friday 7th June 2013

New Book: The Strange Case of The Missing Episodes – The Lost Stories of The Avengers (Series 1) By Richard McGinlay, Alan Hayes and Alys Hayes  Ian Hendry was the lead in the original series of The Avengers. The Strange Case of the Missing Episodes lifts the lid on that first year, and retells the stories in extended synopsis form, covering twenty-four episodes, often with script extracts.

Buy the book: Click here


Wednesday 29th May 2013

We have issued a Press Release announcing the Official Website of Ian Hendry and the publication of the biography. You can read it here: Ian Hendry Biography Press Release We have also reached the milestone of 75 videos/ clips on the Official Ian Hendry YouTube Channel. We will continue to add new material over time. Please contact us if you have any clips that you think may be of interest. Thanks.

Youtube Channel: Ian Hendry

Facebook Page: Ian Hendry


Friday 17th May 2013

Official Ian Hendry YouTube Channel We continue to expand the collection of video clips on the Official Ian Hendry YouTube Channel. Our goal is to gather together work that covers the full length and breadth of Ian’s career. At times it is a challenge as certain distributors and copyright holders are very active in making sure that none of their work appears on YouTube, even short clips. This seems short-sighted in that YouTube is a form of free advertising for these companies. However, we should reach 75 videos/ clips uploaded this weekend and will continue to expand this valuable online resource of his work.


Friday 3rd May 2013

eBook Launched: “Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life Of Ian Hendry” by Gabriel Hershman We are pleased to announce that the eBook version (ePub Format) of the Ian Hendry biography by Gabriel Hershman is now available.  Please note that the Kindle eBook version will follow shortly. eBook (ePub Format): Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life Of Ian Hendry

Also, interest in the new biography is developing within the media:

BBC Radio Suffolk: Gabriel Hershman Interview:

BBC Radio Suffolk: Gabriel Hershman discusses his new biography on Ian Hendry


Wednesday 24th April 2013

The Ian Hendry Youtube channel continues to grow. We have now uploaded 38 video clips and full length films/ programmes. The latest in Live Now Pay Later (1962), not available commercially (but available from a very few specialist online sources where you can buy the DVD of their own recordings). Live Now Pay Later (1962) | Compete Film Also, another interesting clip is Ian Hendry playing the motorcycle policeman in Michael Bentine’s depiction of swinging London in the 60’s, in the film The Sandwich Man (1966) The Sandwich Man | Ian Hendry As The Motorcycle Policeman We continue to also add to this site and build the Facebook Page and following. Please like our Facebook page and interact with us there as well.

Facebook Page: Ian Hendry

Youtube Channel: Ian Hendry

Twitter: Ian Hendry

Lastly, please remember  to sign our Guest Book! >>> Please Sign Our Guest Book


Friday 12th April 2013

Publication of Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life Of Ian Hendry!

The day has finally arrived! After several years of research by Gabriel and input from countless interviews and sources, the first ever biography on the life and work of Ian Hendry is now available. Well done Gabriel. Please support this project. Order through the link below:

Buy The Book: “Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life Of Ian Hendry by Gabriel Hershman”


Thursday 11th April 2013

Website, Outstanding Contribution Award and Youtube Channel Updates

A. Website: We have introduced a ‘Roll of Honour’ section under Guest Book + tab, for recognition of outstanding contributions to the understanding of the life and work of Ian Hendry (see below)

B. Outstanding Contribution – Our very first award to Gabriel Hershman. Congratulations to Gabriel. Read about it here:

Gabriel Hershman: Outstanding Contribution Award

C. Youtube Channel – Some of exciting updates here:

  • Dial M For Murder, episode: ‘Contract’ (1974). Firstly, we have received a copy of the original programme. Watch the video
  • This Is Your Life (1978). We have also received a DVD copy of the original show. Watch the video
  • This Is Your Life 1962 and 1978: A lead from Alan Hayes at Avengers Declassified website, that Ian had appeared on This Is Your Life around the time when he was on The Avengers sent us of on a research mission. And yes, Ian appeared on the Coco The Clown This Is Your Life in early 1962. Read the article

Both DVD’s have been converted and uploaded to the Official Ian Hendry Youtube Channel


Monday 8th April 2013 Website Progress and Social Media What’s new? In short, everything! In just over three weeks the framework of the site is now in place and many entries added. These will each be expanded upon in future. We have adopted a portfolio approach for many entries which allows a collection of different, but related, elements to be brought together, such as stills/ pictures, posters and clips from a particular film. There is also a blog section for longer articles which we encourage you to comment on. Please also sign our Guest Book. Menu links will become ‘live’ when sufficient information has been added. The following linked resources have also been added and we encourage you to ‘like’ and follow:

Facebook Page: Ian Hendry

Youtube Channel: Ian Hendry

Twitter: Ian Hendry


Sunday 17th March 2013:

Welcome to the Official Website of Ian Hendry A momentous day! Day one of the Official Website of Ian Hendry and the start of a long and exciting journey to explore, celebrate and enjoy the work of one of the finest British actors of this, or any, era. The idea of a site which would bring together the work of my uncle, Ian Hendry, has been on my mind for some time. There is a lot of information on him and his work on the internet. But there was no central ‘hub’ which brought it all together. About a year ago, I checked to see if the domain name ianhendry.com was still available, not thinking for one moment that it would be. To my surprise (and continued amazement) it was. The first significant part of the puzzle was completed. The second part of the puzzle took a little while longer to fall into place. Over a year to be precise. In that time I have moved back to England after 10 years in Hong Kong and also been giving my support to Gabriel Hershman, whose biography, Send In The Clowns – The Yo Yo Life of Ian Hendry  is due out shortly.

In time, further pieces of the ‘puzzle’ will appear and with it I hope the picture of a charismatic, complex, gifted, multi-faceted, generous, much-loved and yes, at times, troubled man, will emerge. But the pieces are just that, elements of a much bigger picture. And as with any picture or painting, we may at times be drawn to a certain element or detail that intrigues us so much that we no longer see the bigger picture.   Stand back for a minute and look again, because although the picture may not have changed, the way we see it certainly can.


Neil Hendry

Editor, Official Website of Ian Hendry