The Goldfinch (1977) – Anglia Television

The Goldfinch (1977) by Jack Gardner


A young woman is haunted by the sound of a trapped bird in the chimney, that only she can hear. Set in a converted country mansion, Carole is drawn into a strange relationship with journalist, Alex Fleming (played by Ian Hendry)


Ian Hendry – Alex Fleming

Carole Mowlam – Edith Rees

Maureen Pryor – Mrs Stratton (Landlady)

Peter Tuddenham – Storyteller



Anglia Television Drama Production (Anglia Television Ltd.)


Press Photograph

Ian Hendry Goldfinch 1977 a1


Ian Hendry Goldfinch 1977 b1


Ian Hendry Goldfinch 1978 c


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Ian Hendry_The Goldfinch 1976

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