The October Wedding (1959) – Hoax Posters : Gallery

Hoax Warning: For those of you that love both film trivia and a good mystery we have something special for you.

This film was actually never made and in fact, Yuri Gadyukin the Director, never existed!

This was all part of an elaborate hoax, which started on Wikipedia in 2009 and was supported with a hoax tribute website to Yuri Gadyukin, a hoax Yuri Gadyukin Facebook Page and even a hoax Yuri Gadyukin book (with it’s own unique  ISBN number).

Wikipedia have now removed the entry for Yuri Gadyukin (in March 2013).

The hoax was perpetrated by some ‘amateur’ film-makers, using all this material as background for an ‘elevator-pitch’ for a proposed film called ‘Nitrate’.