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The Adventures of Don Quick

Plot Summary: The Benefits of Earth.

The pair land on a planet with two extremely different races. One is technologically advanced and is warlike, addicted to human sacrifices. The others are beings of peace and sensitively, living in a dream world. Qwuick decides to reform them. Kevin Stoney as Betuchuk, Anouska Hempel as Marvana, Thorley Walters as Chief Dreamer. Written by Peter Wildeblood.

The Adventures of Don Quick is a science fiction comedy television series that ran from October–December 1970, on ITV. Starring Ian Hendry and Ronald Lacey, six 50 minute episodes were made, shown in a 60 minute time slot. As of 2008, only the first episode exists, the other five are now missing. A technologically impressive 30 foot model spaceship was built in the studio for the series. However the first three episodes in a prime time slot failed to draw the required ratings so the last three episodes were in a much later slot before the show was cancelled.

The show was a science fiction satire based on the characters of Don Quixote, with astronaut Captain Don Quick and Sergeant Sam Czopanser, members of the “Intergalactic Maintenance Squad”. On each planet they visit, Quick attempts to set right imaginary wrongs, often upsetting the inhabitants of whatever society he is in. The plot bears some resemblance to the five Penton and Blake stories by John W Campbell, about two astronauts who travel the Solar System meeting strange races.

Episode Listing

# Title Original air date
1 “The Benefits of Earth” 30 October 1970
2 “People Isn’t Everything” 6 November 1970
3 “The Higher the Fewer” 13 November 1970
4 “The Love Reflector” 20 November 1970
5 “The Quick and the Dead” 27 November 1970
6 “Paradise Destruct” 4 December 1970