The Secret Place (1957) – Stills

The Secret Place is a 1957 British film directed by Henry Hathaway. It stars Belinda Lee and Ronald Lewis.


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Uneven crime melodrama that opens at a fast-pace and quickly develops many of the central characters, but subsequently the latter stages becomes bogged down in a contrived subplot dealing with friendship and morality. The film was Clive Donner‘s first directorial effort and based on the sole screenplay of Lynette Perry.

Set amongst the war-torn ruins of the East End, a small-time gang of crooks led by Gerry Carter (Ronald Lewis) plan a daring diamond heist in broad daylighgt. Gerry masterminds the meticulously planned robbery with aristocratic-speaking Steve (Michael Gwynn), fence Harry (George A. Cooper), and the fresh-faced brother of his girlfriend, Mike (David McCallum), as getaway driver.

The only item the gang lack is an authentic policeman’s uniform, so Gerry’s girlfriend, Molly (Belinda Lee), persuades a young boy with a crush on her, Freddie Haywood (Michael Brooke), to steal his fathers. The subsequent robbery goes smoothly, but Gerry’s gang is considered amateurish in the London underworld and they struggle to find somebody prepared to cut the stolen diamonds. Meanwhile, they hide the stolen gems in a gramophone at Mike’s home. Unfortunately, Molly gives the gramophone away as a thank-you present to Freddie, who discovers the stolen gems and quickly realises he has been an unwitting pawn in the robbery.


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