The Saint ‘Vendetta For The Saint’ (1969) – Stills

Templar is having a drink at a bar in Naples when he witnesses a mêlée between two of the customers. It appears that one of them has mistaken the other for an old colleague. Templar’s suspicions are raised the next morning when he reads in the newspapers that one of the men has been murdered. He begins to investigate only to find himself thrown into the world of the Sicilian Mafia, and that few people are willing to help him.

The Saint is taken to Sicily to meet Destamio (Ian Hendry), who refutes the accusation but the local police chief, Ponti, tells the Saint that Destamio is a Mafia don and requests his help in trapping him. As an in-road the Saint chooses to befriend Dessamio’s niece Gina, telling her that he has been sent by her uncle, but her aunt is suspicious and informs Dessamio, who sends two of the gang to kill the Saint.

Extract from Vendetta For The Saint (1969)