The Gold Robbers (1969) – Stills

The Gold Robbers ‘An Oddly Honest Man’ – Plot Summary

Tough cop Detective Chief Superintendent Cradock is assigned to track down & bring to justice the criminals behind the daring theft of five and half million pounds worth of gold bullion from an airfield in the South of England.

The Gold Robbers is a 1969 crime television series starring Peter Vaughn as Detective Chief Superintendent Cradock, Artro Morris as Tommy Thomas and Richard Leech as Richard Bolt. The Gold Robbers also stars Frederick Bartman as Victor Anderson, Peter Copley as Assistant Commissioner Farr and Michael Wynne as Inspector Tompkins.

“For thirteen weeks in the summer months of 1969, Friday night ITV audiences were held gripped by a gritty, superbly scripted black & white British crime series from London Weekend Television which, today, is only a dim memory in the annals of cult TV…….if you’ve enjoyed the excellent espionage series “Callan” , then prepare yourself for something of equal quality and unparalleled distinction. The production values of late-sixties regionally produced network TV may creak to the modern viewer, but TV drama simply doesn’t come better than this — whatever the era.

Inspired by the murky events surrounding the so-called Great Train Robbery of 1963 and the ensuing police investigation into that crime, “The Gold Robbers” was conceived, produced and party written by John Hawkesworth and tells the story of a highly organised £5.5 million gold heist and its consequences from the point of view of everybody involved or affected, from the lowliest small-time con artist all the way up to the highest echelons of big business and politics, as well as the men charged with investigating the crime.”

 Extract From The Gold Robbers (1969)