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Police Surgeon was a television series made by the Associated British Corporation and starring Ian Hendry as Dr Geoffrey Brent. Its twelve half-hour episodes were broadcast on ITV at 7pm on Saturday nights from 10 September to 3 December 1960.

The series was created for ABC by Sydney Newman. When Police Surgeon was cancelled, Newman took Hendry and co-star Ingrid Hafner to a new series: The Avengers. It is sometimes mistakenly claimed that The Avengers was a direct sequel to Police Surgeon, with Hendry playing the same character in both. Although there were similarities, this was in fact not the case. This myth has possibly been encouraged because material relating to Police Surgeon is scarce, and that the first episode of The Avengers aired only one month after the final episode of Police Surgeon.

John Warwick played the regular character of Inspector Langdon, and Hafner played Nurse Gibbs. Guest actors who appeared in Police Surgeon include Michael CrawfordBernard ArchardHarry H. CorbettGeoffrey Palmer, and Nigel Stock. Scriptwriters included Julian Bond, who was also story editor and, initially, producer. He was succeeded as producer by Leonard White, who went on to produce The Avengers.

Only one episode of the series, “Easy Money”, is known to exist. This episode was shown as part of Channel 4‘s TV Heaven season, introduced by Frank Muir, on 28 March 1992.


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