Ian Hendry – The Early Years (Family) 1931 – 1949 : Gallery

Ian Hendry was born in Ipswich, Suffolk on 13th January 1931.

Ian was educated at the Ipswich School and Culford School, Suffolk. At Culford School, he had a keen interest in sports, particularly boxing, cricket, running and rugby.

Ian was also involved in amateur dramatics at Culford, helping to produce and perform in several school plays.

His parents were Enid (nee Rushton) and James (Jim) Hendry. Enid moved to Ipswich in 1906, when her father, George Rushton, became head of the Ipswich Art School.

Jim moved to Ipswich c.1924 when he started work with R & W Pauls Limited. He originated from Glasgow, where he had studied for a degree in Chemistry at Glasgow University before moving to Suffolk.

His younger brother, Donald, was born on 15th August 1933. He was also educated at Ipswich School and Culford School. Donald, also a talented sportsman, played rugby for Roslyn Park in London, whilst studying there for a degree in Architecture.


All three generations of the family are pictured in this gallery.

Main photo:

Ian Hendry is pictured sitting on his bike (age 4) with brother (Donald), parents (Enid and Jim) and grandparents (George and Edith) in a photograph taken at Dedham Vale, Suffolk, in 1935.

Further Reading

This stage in Ian’s life is is detailed in the new biography ‘Send in the Clowns – The Yo Yo Life Of Ian Hendry’ by Gabriel Hershman

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